Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Record Setting Warm Temperatures

The past couple of days we have had record setting temperatures.  The high today was 82.  Yesterday it was 80 and Monday it was 79.  It makes a change from last year at this time when we still had snow cover.  It was so warm today that Alistair wanted to play in the sprinkler.  He also wanted to water the plants.  Pointing to the dead leaves on the rose bush, he said, "This plant needs feeding."

The mud at the back of the porch is drying up, but the frost heaves are bringing rocks to the surface.  We have six rocks now to use in the garden as part of edging or a wall.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Drywall Primed

We finally got some priming done today.  We primed all the new drywall in the "blue room" (above, and not yet blue) and in Charlotte's room and the hallway outside Alistair's room (below).  Next is priming the old walls.

First Meal on Porch

Except for two picnic lunches on blankets on the porch, today we had our first proper lunch.  We brought up our table and chairs (we bought in England at a gardening auction) and ate our lunch.  The weather is beautiful today, especially for mid March.  We are excited about using our new porch.  The old one was so dilapitated that we didn't use first floor porch at all.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mud (Natural, not Joint Compound)

We haven't had much snow this winter, but that hasn't stopped mud season.  We lost grass cover with all the porch foundation digging, and now it is just a muddy mess.  Yuck.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

And Another

Today when Colin rolled back some insulation to install the new ceiling light box in the blue room, he found a sleeping bat.  It was hibernating in it's cozy bed of insulation.  It stretched a bit as it began to wake up, so Colin quickly used a bucket lid to flick the bat into a bucket and brought it outside.  He laid it on the driveway, and when he checked on it a few minutes later, it was gone.  We shudder to think how many other bats are hibernating in the attic.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yet Another Bat

This morning, as Colin was about to go upstairs to load up our car with old plaster, lath, and other unusable building materials, he noticed a bat on the third step in our front hall.  It flew out the front door when he tried to move it.  He followed it around to the back of the house to see where it went, but he couldn't see where it flew to.  Maybe back into the attic, maybe off somewhere else.

Yesterday morning Alistair woke up over an hour earlier than usual saying that he heard something.  (He was scared and ended up in bed with us and Charlotte.)  We wonder if he heard the bat in the ceiling above his room.  Alyssa had heard something rustling in the bathroom ceiling a few weeks ago.  Both the bathroom and Alistair's closet are below the new bathroom.  The bat could have flown out from behind the new tub, which does not yet have walls.

This is not the first bat we have seen this winter.  Colin found a sleepy one in the attic a few months ago.  He put it outside, but it soon flew away.  Then the night before Colin's Dad left after his visit this fall, there was a bat flying around his room.  Colin, his Dad, and Alyssa's Dad cornered it into Charlotte's bedroom (under construction) but it disappeared the next morning.  One of the roofers found a bat in the fall too (he just put it back in the attic).  Over the years when Colin was doing a lot of wiring work in the attic, he thought he saw something flying.  (And of course when Lauren visited one summer, there was a bat in the house, but that flew out of the basement.)  We're worried we might have a colony up there.