Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kitchen Demo Part One

Today Colin started to demo the upstairs kitchen. Although we're excited about the potential for the space, it is somewhat sad to destroy what we worked hard to improve. The upstairs kitchen was the first room we renovated when we moved in. Alyssa spent several hot, humid August afternoons inside the cabinets, becoming overwhelmed by primer fumes. Alyssa's Dad once had an adventure with water while swapping sinks (we had waterfalls of water through the downstairs light fixtures). We toned our arms muscles sanding down the bumps in the walls and ceiling (including what we dubbed the Himalayas on the wall next to the archway). Alyssa learned how to tile when she put up the back splash. Alyssa's Dad made origami cabinets. Colin wired some of his first electrical boxes and fixtures.  We had some of our first adventures in DIY in our kitchen, so we are somewhat nostalgic before the destruction begins.

Besides the all the DIY, we've also had fun hosting Christmas tree chopping brunches, post Shamrock Shuffle race lunches, Pancake Day pancakes, and countless bowls of oatmeal.

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