Monday, November 28, 2011

Pick-up Truck Convention

I think we had a record number of people working on our house today. In addition to Chris, Dennis, and Brian (and his trusty dog Conrad), Mitch and two of his guys were working on the roof. Not counting our car, there were four pick up trucks, an SUV, a van, and a Honda all parked at the front of our house.

Dennis worked on cladding the columns on the new porch while Chris and Brian worked on the new stairs that will be on the side porch. They discovered another huge bolder that they had to move by hand (not with an excavator like a few weeks ago). I think the bolder will become part of our garden.

Alistair has taken a liking to Chris, Brian and Dennis and to Conrad. Alistair picks out dog biscuits for Conrad when we are out grocery shopping. He also asked Santa for a dog, and when I asked what he was thankful for on Thanksgiving, he said a dog. He also is just generally interested on who is here and what they are doing. Today he asked where Dennis was (he was using the table saw) and if he was on his submarine. (Dennis worked on a submarine while in the navy.)

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