Friday, June 1, 2012

Leveling the Landing

We live in an old house.  Sometimes I think about the women who might have lived in this house, and I think about what they wore.  Did they have hoop skirts, or more simple day dresses?  Over the nearly 150 years since this house was built, it has sagged a bit in places.  When you would drop peas or other round things in the upstairs kitchen, they would roll away.  Our pine Ikea hutch leaned towards the center of the room.  Now that Dad is installing the new hard wood flooring upstairs, we are becoming more acquainted on the details of the undulations.

The landing at the top of the stairs is, in our minds, a slight step down from the hallway.  It made sense, especially with the door and wall that separated the two.  They had different surfaces and they were different heights.  It turns out that if you put a level across from the edge of the hallway surface to the outside wall of the landing, it's nearly level.  There is a quarter of an inch difference.  Using plywood and building paper, Dad built up the floor so that the landing is now level.  In the gap where the wall was, he was built a small ramp to make the quarter of a inch transition.

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