Saturday, July 20, 2013


Colin and I are always planning future projects.  We are always thinking of ideas, researching something, and sketching out ideas on scraps of paper, graph paper and on Google SketchUp.  It is fun to dream up projects.  I sometimes think that planning the project is the best part.  There are so many options and possibilities, but once you start to build, you have shut the door on those other options.

Our recent project planning is our garden, particularly the part of our yard that is now the end of our driveway.  Our driveway is plenty long for our one car, and the driveway is the sunniest part of our yard.  We have long wanted to turn that area into a garden.  Finishing off the back steps of the porch is the first step.  Here is the most recent iteration of our project (drawn by me in Google SketchUp):

I had to include the picture below, just because of the car.  I went online to look up the component for the grill and then wonder if anyone had uploaded a Ford Explorer.  They had, and in our unique blue Eddie Bauer edition color!

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