Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Framing the Wall

Chris (left), Brian (with beard), and Dennis were hard at work today framing out the wall of Charlotte's room. They are making fast progress. The weather forecast is for sun the next few days, which is great for working on the house as well as the upcoming Columbus Day weekend.

Yesterday the weather was pretty crummy, so they worked on fixing the side porch. The rafters were in bad shape. Some looked like someone had used wood from a burn pile, and all the rafters were pulling away from the siding. They put up fascia and sistered new rafters to the old and attached the new rafters to the fascia. (The old rafters were cut back.) It might not look pretty, but it will all be covered up by bead board. They also leveled out the decking and took out the old, rusty support posts.

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