Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Porch Footings

Yesterday and today, the builders were working on the porch footings. We weren't sure how far down they could dig before they hit ledge, but they were actually able to dig the four feet or so needed for the porch footings. Alistair was definitely excited by the mini excavator Brian used to dig the holes for the foundation. He ate his breakfast while watching him place the pre-cast footing into the hole.

Brian also dug the holes for the side porch footings. He found some enormous rocks. They also had to move the dumpster (using the excavator) to get to some of the other side porch footings.

It has been fairly wet the past few weeks, so our yard is now a big muddy mess. Well, we've been talking about having the lumps smoothed out and the lawn reseeded because it is so weedy. I guess we'll be doing that now.

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